Scholarship Fund Named After Janessa Ramirez

Six top students received the scholarship of $2,500.

FRESNO, Calif. -  
When you're a high school senior, all you think about is graduating and where you're going to go after. For six young students, Monday evening was one to remember as they were awarded the Janessa Ramirez Scholarship, to help achieve their dreams of going to college.
Michael Schiefer was one of those. He says, "just having it come from the Janessa Ramirez scholarship, it means a lot more than someone just handing out money".
About a year and a half ago, a then 9 year old Ramirez was hit by a stray bullet near Marks and Clinton, while outside of a laundry mat with her family.
"To lose someone in that tragic of an incident, is something we need to keep in mind and we need to honor", says Superintendent Mark Sutton with the Central Unified School District.
Back before the incident, Ramirez was a top student.
Her mother Stacey Gonzales says, "she was a straight A student and she loved school, you know when they use to have foggy day schedules, it was called plan D where they have no buses and she would go ' but Mom can you just drive me because I want to go to school ' so fine lets go".
The district is giving out about $2 million dollars in scholarship funds in total to the 2016 graduating class, $15,000 thousand dollars of that provided by the Foundation for Central Schools, will go towards Janessa's fund.
"It's pretty awesome, it's like wow it's a reality so I'm happy and kind of sad at the same time because it's like wow, she should be in school", say Gonzales.
Even though he didn't personally know her Schiefer was touched to receive something, that meant so much.
He says, "we just felt really connected, I mean there is always a silver lining in everything and we feel that it's just a great thing that they are putting out this scholarship just to help Central students".

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