Sanger company rebuilds after burning down

Initiative Foods rebuilds after burning down

Fresno, Calif. - It's a story of redemption for one local business that burned down last year.

The company is called Initiative Foods, they make baby food out in Sanger.

"120 employees were immediately displaced that morning, the fire caused millions of dollars worth of damage," said James Ypma, Project Manager for the company.

Almost a year later, not only is the company back up & running but all of their hires were people they lost from the fire.

"We'll be bringing on 25 employees to this facility and growing that to 50 by the end of the year and ultimately get it back to where we were before and grow it beyond that point," said Ypma.

Francisco Ramirez is one of the employees back on the job.

"I wasn't expecting to hear from my supervisor when he said 'do you want to come back?' I was like 'are you serious?'" Said Ramirez.

Ramirez says although he loves his company and is glad to be back, he says he went through dark times when he lost his job.

"Unfortunately the world doesn't stop turning, you still got bills to pay so it was a lot to take in at once," said Ramirez.

Ramirez not only got his job back, but he is now in a higher position as an inspector of the baby food the company sells.

For Initiative Foods it's a humble rebuilding process, but Ypma is hopeful it's the start of a bigger and brighter future fir the company.

"To the people watching we are grateful for the support that they've given us from July 24th through this day we could not have done it without them," said Ypma.


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