RNC asked Hillary Clinton where her health care plan is - and she responded

(CBS NEWS) - The Republican National Committee released one video on Twitter criticizing Democrats for not proposing their own plan to "fix" Obamacare and another challenging Hillary Clinton to produce her plan to fix Obamacare.

The first video features outspoken opponents of the Senate Republican health care plan, the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), like Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who acknowledge the ACA's flaws.

At the end of the video, the RNC declares, "Democrats know Obamacare is broken. We have a plan to fix it," and it concludes with a pointed question to Democrats: "Where's their plan?"

The RNC followed that video up with one asking former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton where her plan was, too.

Clinton responded -- and included a link.

"Right here, includes radical provisions like how not to kick 23 million people off their coverage," Clinton fired back. She added with another jab, "Feel free to run with it."

During her presidential campaign, Clinton ran on defending and expanding the ACA by "building on its successes" and allowing those over 55 years old to buy into Medicare.

She also promised to increase coverage and incentivize states to expand their Medicaid programs.

Clinton has since launched a political action group, Onward Together, to help fund and collaborate with political organizations supporting the Democratic party. 

The GOP Twitter tit-for-tat comes on the heels of the Indiana Republican party's failed call for "Obamacare Horror Stories" on the state party's Facebook page. The over 7,000 responses that flooded in consisted primarily of pro-ACA stories, with residents sharing how Obamacare made their specific health concerns more manageable.

Late last week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell moved to delay a vote on the Senate's plan until after the July 4 recess after failing to secure enough support to pass the measure.

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