Rite Aid suspects possibly tied to 10 other robberies, police say

FRESNO, Calif. - Fresno Police are hunting for the fourth suspect in a store robbery.

Police said the men punched the workers during a hold up Friday night.

Two of the alleged suspects are 19 year olds, the third is only 15.

It happened at the Rite Aid store at First and Bullard.

Police said the suspects tried to rob a CVS store just before, on Shields Avenue but did not succeed.

Then police said they made their way to Rite Aid.

Three of the alleged suspects were caught and arrested right here in a northwest neighborhood.

Police said they are from the Sacramento area.

"We just heard the sirens coming in," said Tom Jones, a resident. 

"It was crazy, and I couldn't believe, we were all stunned," said Patty Berberian, a resident.

The scene was just down the way from Berberian's home of 25 years.

"The helicopter was so close saying get in the house," Berberian said.

Fresno Police caught and arrested three suspects, who allegedly robbed the Rite Aid store at First and Bullard.

"It was described as three black males had jumped the counter, they were demanding Oxycodone and Promethazine," said Lt. Dave Madrigal with Fresno Police Department. 

Police said the men assaulted two employees, punching one in the face.

Police said the alleged suspects then ran out of the pharmacy stealing money and drugs.

Then took off in a silver BMW with paper plates.

Police said a good Samaritan followed the men and gave police updates.

Officials said the suspects made it to Alluvial and Arthur, where police said they ditched the car.

"One of the suspects refused to surrender and was bitten by a police canine," Madrigal said.

Berberian said police swarmed her neighborhood, "It was like you know TV, the rifles they were in stand, like click, ready to go." 

Video shows what may be two of the three suspects being arrested.

A surveillance photo given to us by a neighbor, shows the third arrested as well.

Tom Jones said he had a front row seat.

"They had them right out in front of my house and getting in the ambulance," Jones said.

Officers said the suspects are from the Sacramento area but have family in Fresno.

Police believe the suspects are tied to a string of robberies in northern California.

"Right now what we have discovered is that there are about 10 robberies most likely related and that's going to be from the Fresno area as far north as Reno," Madrigal said.

Again, police are still searching for that fourth suspect.

If anyone has information you're asked to call Fresno Police or CRIME STOPPERS at 498-STOP.

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