Residents will soon need a new ID to fly domestically

FRESNO, California - Soon thousands of Californians will be heading to the Department of Motor Vehicles, to apply for the new Real ID. 

If you plan on flying, starting in 2020, your driver's license will no longer be enough to get on a domestic flight, 

Jaime Garza, a spokesperson for the California DMV, said, "The federal government will require that you show a Real ID in order to board a domestic flight, enter military bases or secure federal facilities."
This comes after a 2005 Act passed by Congress. It requires that licenses used to board U.S. Flights be equipped with enhanced security features.

The Real ID will be noticeable with a marking in the upper right-hand corner of a California Grizzly Bear and Star.

Mark Topoozian, a California resident, said, "With all the terrorist going on, I think it's a good method that they're coming up with."

But with long lines at the airports and long lines at the DMV, could those lines be even longer?

"I've been in there for two hours now," Katherine Grieco, a California resident, said.

The DMV said there will be additional help as they transition to the Real ID. 

"To meet the needs of we're offering limited Saturday hours for driver licenses transactions at 60 field offices across the state," Garza said.

But some folks who fly frequently, question if this new form of ID is needed.

"How many forms of ID's do we have to carry?" Grieco said.

The DMV said it is optional but by October 2020, you will either have to have a passport or a Real ID.

"If you fly a lot than you may want to consider applying for a Real ID card," Garza said. "If not, you can still use your passport or passport card, tsa approved document, military id or other forms of federal identification."

The cost for a Real ID is $35, that's the same cost for a driver's license. 

The DMV will start taking applications for Real ID's, January 22.

But the DMV said people do not have to rush, they said folks can wait until their driver's license renewal.

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