Reedley cemetery enacts policy to ban activity 'disrespectful' of the dead

REEDLEY, Calif. - It might be a surprised that this is necessary but a cemetery in Reedley is cracking down on how people can pay their respects to their deceased loved ones.

The Reedley Cemetery District Manager said some people are barbecuing, playing soccer, even using drugs and alcohol at the cemetery on South Reed Avenue,

The District manager said he wants the cemetery to remain a serene place for those that visit their loved ones. So, he went to his board and they enacted a "Cemetery Etiquette" policy,

"We are one of the few cemetery's that isn't fenced or gated," William Conrad, Reedley Cemetery District Manager. Said.

He said over the past few years people have taken advantage and are going to the extreme when visiting.  

"They would come, sit at their loved ones burial space, they would have barbecues, putting up tables and chairs and putting up big umbrellas," Conrad said.

Conrad said he's received several complaints of people being harassed or disrupted as they visited their loved ones.

"I sat down and went over things you can't do or shouldn't do," Conrad said.

On the policy, rules like no dogs allowed, no parties of any kind and no drugs and alcohol.
Reedley Police said it's a reasonable request.

"We have seen an increase in calls from staff here at the cemetery regarding suspicious people or strange activity," said Sgt. Sean Provost, Reedley Police Department.

Police said it's the cemetery's right to enforce this policy.

"We'd like people to respect the rules of the cemetery therefore they can continue to have access," Sgt. Provost said.

For visitors, like, Wanda Kennedy, she said she agrees that people must follow the rules and let those at rest remain that way.

"It's a peaceful place out here and I don't think parties are a place to have at a cemetery," Kennedy said.

The District Manager said if these signs don't work, the next step is to install a fence or gate at the driveway.

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