Red Cross Sends Local Crew To Help Montecito Mudslide

FRESNO, Calif. -- A huge mud slide destroying neighborhoods in Montecito.

The force ripped homes in half. Firefighters there, rescuing residents trapped inside their homes and cars.

Fresno Fire spokesperson Hector Vasquez said the Santa Barbara County Fire crews are utilizing swift water rescue tactics. As they try and get people to safety.

"Folks down South are dealing with rivers coming through their home front," said Hector Vasquez, said Fresno Fire Department Spokesperson.

While he said the magnitude of these mud slides wouldn't happen in the City of Fresno. Crews are constantly practicing their rescue response.

"The team we have in place is highly trained," said Vasquez.

To help with the aftermath, local Red Cross volunteers are there providing relief to those who have lost everything.

 "Red Cross volunteers are welcoming in these residents that in some cases have been pulled from the mud by first responders," said Jessica Piffero, Red Cross Communication Manager.

Jessica Piffero with the Central Valley's Red Cross is helping to provide shelter, food and healthcare.

They are also deploying their emergency response vehicles.

"A lot of these families were home sleeping and the mud came faster than anyone could have thought," said Piffero.

Experts said the areas hit by the Detwiler Fire and Railroad fires are at risk for a similar kind of disaster. Caltrans doing what they can to prevent it.

"We clean out the drainages, as well as the ditches that line the highways so the runoff will have another route to go to the culverts in the area and won't impede any traffic," said Sam Yniguez, Caltrans.

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