Rash of Purse Snatch Thefts Reported in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. -
A purse snatcher is on the run in Fresno. The Fresno Police Department is investigating three separate incidents of purses being stolen from shopping carts. Each time, they said the suspects run out of the store. Police said it's happened at two different Save Marts, and a Smart and Final.
Surveillance video captured the crime at the Smart and Final near First and Nees. You see a man grab a purse from a woman's cart as she was looking away. A Good Samaritan is seen trying to chase after the suspect, but to no avail.
Fresno shopper Natalie Thetford said, "I think it's terrible, and I'm sorry that people are in such a desperate situation that they feel the need to victimize other people in order to meet their own needs."
Thetford shopped at the Save Mart near Cedar and Ashlan where a purse was snatched on Saturday. She shared how she keeps her purse near her body.
"I've been wearing my handy dandy cross wearing purse... And if somebody does successfully steal my purse, they're going to end up taking me with it, and I'll make them sorry," stated Thetford.
Shopper JoAnn McDowell said she tries to always have her eyes on her purse when it's in the cart.
She said, "sometimes I lock it in with the belt. And that way if they grab it, they're going to take the basket."
Police said the suspect who stole the purse from the Save Mart location near Cedar and Ashlan took off in a gray Dodge Charger. Investigators found the car on Saturday near Menlo and Maroa.
Lt. Jose Garza said, "They spotted the vehicle and a suspect which ran into a residence. We surrounded the place, but apparently he must of got out the back and we couldn't find him."
Police say a third purse snatch happened at the Save Mart on Bullard and West on Friday, however they don't know if all the thefts are related. 
Police are asking for the community's help in these cases. If you have information, contact Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP.

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