Rainfall gives firefighters reprieve in battle against wildfires

OAKHURST, Calif. - While the storm was a serious blow to some, it was a welcome change for firefighters. They've been battling a number of fires in the mountain communities.

Containment on the Railroad Fire is now at 80 percent, the Mission Fire is 95 percent contained and the Shaver Fire is 30 percent contained.

Officials said that Monday night's rain storm gave them a little bit of a break battling all the blazes in the mountain communities, it even cleared up some of the smoke in the air.

In the video it shows what Oakhurst looked like nearly a week ago. Clouds of smoke filled the air from all the wildfires in the mountain communities. But today, the video shows it's a different story.

"The air is much clearer up here, people are going to be able to breathe a lot easier," Alex Olow with the Sierra National Forest Service, said.

Mother Nature poured down like crazy Monday night. A welcome change for everyone, especially those dealing with allergies.

"The rain that we had it was definitely helpful in washing out a lot of the particles and the soot and ash from the air, so we're fortunate that that happened but there are people who may have problems with the weather changes and biometric pressures," Dr. A. M. Aminian of the Allergy Institute, said.

But fire officials said the rain was needed during this time of fire season. They said the storm gave them about a quarter of an inch of rainfall in the burn areas of the wildfires.

"Any amount of moisture is going to be helpful to fire crews, we actually didn't have a crew on the fire over night last night," Olow said.

Olow said while the Railroad Fire is not completely out, forward progression has stopped. Olow said they have a good line around the fire.

Officials said they are looking forward to the cooler temperatures later this week to help them battle all the wildfires.

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