Psychiatrist Finds Kori Muhammad Unfit for Trial

Wednesday was the start of the mental competency trial for accused murderer Kori Muhammad. Muhammad is accused of killing four people last year, gunning down three of them in Downtown Fresno. A psychiatrist who interviewed Muhammed last July took the stand and said he is very psychotic, and not fit to stand trial.

Muhammad's defense attorney and a deputy district attorney went back and forth, questioning psychiatrist, Dr. Howard Terrell. Terrell is one of several witnesses who will help Judge Jonathan B. Conklin determine if Muhammad is mentally competent to stand trial. On Monday, Muhammad waived his right for a jury to do so.

Since Muhammad was arrested last year, he's often made several outbursts in court. On monday, Conklin told him to stop.

"I'm going to warn you once, and if you speak up again, I'm going to warn you a second time, then the third time I'm simply going to ask that he be removed," stated Conklin.

Terrell concluded that Muhammad is a young man with a long history of mental illness, and he has a severe psychotic mental disorder. Terrell said he considered if Muhammad was faking his mental illness, but believes it is real.

Muhammad reportedly told the doctor that he's been hearing voices in his head since he was 12. He said he believes he has mental powers, and white supremacists are out to kill him. Terrell said Muhammad told him, "I kill with my mind all the time", and he "Asked seven black death angels for assistance" in the shooting spree.

Terrell eventually determined Muhammad is not fit to assist his attorney in his own defense, and therefore should not stand trial.

Court continues on Tuesday where we'll continue to hear from other psychiatrists. If the judge does find Muhammad incompetent, he will go to a mental facility until they determine he is well enough stand trial.

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