Proposed bill could waive fee for SAT and ACT exams

SACRAMENTO, California - Life could get a bit easier for high school juniors in California if new legislation proposed by a state lawmaker is signed into law. The proposed bill will allow high school students to take either the SAT or ACT college entrance tests during the school day and free of charge.  

Currently students have to pay for the tests and find time to take them on weekends. Under the bill-- school districts will have the option of dropping a state standardized test for 11th graders that's administered during the school day and replacing it with the SAT or ACT exam. 

"There's so many students who don't have that will or they don't know about it and just honestly they don't care about it. So if we had this test in our regular school day I think a lot more students would actually have the opportunity to test their skills and see the potential within themselves," said student Malissia Bordeaux. 

Supporters say this universal access to college entrance exams is more important to students than the state test.

"This year we have, at this very moment, about 1,400 seniors who started their senior year without an SAT or ACT score at the end of their junior year. About a third of those students would have benefitted from having had access to this opportunity," said Sacramento City Unified School District superintendent Jorge Aguilar.

Supporters say student performance scores currently collected through the state standardized test can be replaced by information collected from the SAT and ACT exams.  

The legislation must clear both houses of the state legislature before going to governor Brown for final approval.

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