Program Gets Children Outside

It's an opportunity for everyday kids to get to experience the nature in our own backyard firsthand.

“For some of them it’s the equivalent of going to Yosemite, and it's really very close for them to experience with their family on a regular basis." says AJ Davis an educator program assistant with the San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust. 

The program gets kids out of the classroom, learning by seeing and feeling the world around them.  "Scooping macro-invertebrates out of the river and identifying them."

Davis says the highlight of this program for most of the kids is the chance to get to take to the water for themselves.  "They get to experience canoeing, most of them for the first time. I always say canoeing is the ultimate team building activity, so this is a great way for them to learn that they have to communicate with the person in their boat if they want to get their boat to go the direction they want it to go."

And for these kids the San Joaquin River this time of year is quite the sight to see.

"The river is running at about 9,000 cubic feet per second,” says Sharon Weaver, also with the Parkway and Conservation Trust. “People talk about a cubic foot being about the size of a basketball, so the river level is really high."

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