Poverello House breaks ground on new food storage facility

FRESNO, Calif. - Developments are underway at the Poverello House. The nonprofit had a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday morning, for a new warehouse.
The new warehouse will help store deliveries and donations that come in for those in need. The executive director of the Poverello House said this project has been 43 years in the making.
"This will be the last time you see this warehouse," said Cruz Avila, executive director, Poverello House. 
This week the old warehouse will be demolished and will be replaced with a brand new facility. 
"The new state of the art facility will enhance the quality of life, services and day to day operations for our community and those who find themselves in need," said Avila. 
Poverello House said it's all part of the $2.5 million "Raise the Roof" Campaign. The project took nearly two years to plan and raise money to build the new warehouse. The nonprofit said now it will be bigger and better.
The facility will expand from 10,000 square feet to 19,000, made of all-metal and insulated, to store all the donations that come in.
"We're going to have a freezer, refrigeration and everything to hold our dry goods," said Avila. 
Poverello House said its mission is to help tackle homelessness and help those in need. Fresno Mayor, Lee Brand, said the new facility shows the power of collaboration in our community.
"This community always finds away to come together," said Mayor Lee Brand.
Those who donated echo his sentiment. 
"This building here, it really does need to come down and we're so happy to be part of it," said Chic Foell, donated to Poverello House.
The nonprofit said its hopes to have the new building completed by mid-October.

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