Post Office is delivering at 4 a.m. to help get presents under the tree

FRESNO, Calif. - There are more packages than ever this holiday season, which now means an early wake up call.

Do not be alarmed if you hear some early morning clatter. It's not Santa and his reindeer, it's your mail carrier.

This is the first time the U.S. Postal Service is delivering mail as early as four in the morning.

Whether you are dropping off a package or a Christmas card, the Downtown Fresno post office employees said this is the busiest time of the week across the country for deliveries. They say folks should get their packages to them as soon as possible.

Long lines, package after package, many are shipping their gifts off to family and friends.

"You know, it's for my sister," a customer said.

Gene Mabrey, customer as well said, "I'm shipping some oranges to my relatives back in Ohio."

But it's our mail carriers, going the extra mile.

"We tend to wake up a little earlier and knock it out as soon as possible," said Michael Lopez, a U.S. Postal carrier.

This is the first time postal workers are making deliveries starting at Four a.m.

Fresno's post master, Doug Smith, said, "Most of the time during Christmas we go out at Six a.m."

He said they've seen a 25 percent increase in packages because of people shopping more online.

"It's really driven consumer buying habits now, you know it's easier to sit at home, order online and have us deliver to your home," Smith said.

He said just last Sunday they delivered more than 15,000 packages alone.

"We're all working extra hard right now making sure we get everything delivered by Christmas," Smith said.

Postal workers said they will do their best to be quiet while delivering.

"Try not to wake them up and try to secure the package," Lopez said.

Something customers appreciate.

"It's pretty awesome for them working twice as hard just trying to get our deliveries," said Nou Vang, a customer.

But, just know with a last minute drop off, comes a more expensive fee.

"OK, that comes to 43.30," said a post office employee.

"OK, that's fine," said Vang.

Post office employees said the last day for Priority Shipping is December 20 and the last day for Priority Express is December 22.

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