Police say suspect shot 3 people in 4 separate shootings on New Years Day

A gunman is on the loose after shooting at five different people in one day

FRESNO, Calif. - In the center of a crime scene, Fresno Police combed through this gray Chrysler late Monday afternoon. They say a light skinned African American or Hispanic man drove this car as he shot two men in front of McKinley Market.

Police say the suspect drove off and hit a parked car before running off through the Mayfair Shopping Center. Mukesh Vijay says he heard the gunshots from inside the store and came out to find the victims.

"I see one lone guy sitting in a chair. He was shot. Two times in the back and the other guy was shot in the leg. I ran to them, holding the black guy and he was screaming you know," said Vijay.

Police say one victim is 23 and the other is 17 years old but they're not the only ones wounded. Police say the suspect is responsible for four separate shootings, all happening within six hours. The first at Trinity and O'Neil at 10:30 A.M. Monday. Police say the suspect shot a man in the leg as he carried his Christmas tree. An hour later, the shooter allegedly opened fire on two more people at Ventura and B and Los Angeles and E Streets but missed.

"To think of the deviancy of what goes on in a human's mind, to just drive around and randomly shoot people for absolutely no reason, you know something is truly wrong and dysfunctional with that individual," said Lieutenant Carl McKnight.

Lieutenant McKnight says it's been decades since he's seen four random shootings triggered by the same suspect in the span of a hours.

"This is someone we definitely need to get off the street before they end up doing it again."

Police have not identified the suspect. If you have any information, please call Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP.

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