Police say Madera murder suspect and victim affiliated with same gang

Investigators believe Isaiah McGuire was not the intended shooting target

MADERA, Calif. - Justice is served for the family of a teenage murder victim, who wish they could have their son back instead. Madera Police arrested 21-year-old Anthony Salvatierra Tuesday night. He's a confirmed gang member.

Police say he shot and killed Isaiah McGuire on Sunday. Investigators say both Salvatierra and McGuire are in the same gang. A dispute with another gang member erupted into gun fire but McGuire was not the intended target.

"Anthony, do you have any remorse for the death of your friend?" said a KSEE 24 reporter.

No response from an accused murderer on his way to jail. Police say 21-year-old Anthony Salvatierra admits to killing 16-year-old Isaiah McGuire. Lieutenant Gino Chiaramonte explained the findings of the investigation late Tuesday night. He says a fight between Norteno gang members at the 200 block of South A and B Street led to Salvatierra opening fire.

"Their intent to deal with their inner gang politics by violence. That just tells you the mentality of a gang," said Chiaramonte.

Police say Salvatierra intended to shoot another gang member, not McGuire. Salvatierra actually drove the teen to the hospital. Chiaramonte says surveillance cameras proved the suspect's location and timeline.

"He put himself there. He put himself driving the victim to the hospital after first denying everything," said Chiaramonte.

Police confirmed McGuire's affiliation with a Norteno gang. It's unknown how long the teen had been involved. Chiaramonte says the community's tips helped locate Salvatierra who planned to leave Madera.

"We're able to bring justice to a family before the holiday comes. It doesn't always make it better. It doesn't make it perfect. But it does make em' rest a little bit easier," said Chiaramonte.

Police say Salvatierra is charged with murder and attempted murder of the other gang member he initially targeted.

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