Police looking for two men who tied up, robbed two elderly people

Neighbors tried to save the victims when they interrupted the robbery

FRESNO, Calif. - A terrifying morning for a southeast Fresno apartment complex after two robbers tied up and held two elderly people at gunpoint inside of their apartment.

Fresno Police said it happened at an apartment by Tulare and Clovis around 10 a.m. The robbers did not force their way in, one of them followed a victim as they went back inside the apartment, according to Lt. Mark Hudson.

One of the men, who police describe as a man with a black bandana over his face, entered the apartment and revealed his handgun. He then tied up the victims and, with the help of another man, ransacked the apartment.

A neighbor interrupted the robbery and had the gun pointed at her when she entered the apartment. She was able to escape with no injuries -- she also quickly alerted her husband.

Shane Vang heard all the commotion from his bedroom. By the time he got outside he found both of his parents screaming.

He saw his dad helping his two elderly neighbors.

"My dad called me, he's like, 'Shane, come here, you have to untie them.' So, I went to untie one of them," Vang said.

Vang's dad chased after the robbers when they drove off. The robbers did make it off with some cash.

Hudson said this is a reminder to always be on-guard, even at home.

"Keep your doors locked, make sure you're doing those safe things that you need to do," he said. "Keep your windows locked."

One of the victims was transported to the hospital via ambulance to treat minor injuries. Hudson said she was pistol whipped by one of the robbers.

"Anything could have happened to my mom, dad and neighbors. I'm glad they didn't get any fatal wounds or gunshots. I'm glad everything turned out to be fine," said Vang.

The robbers' getaway car was a white sedan. Anyone with any information about this is encouraged to contact Fresno Police.

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