Police detect meth shipment from Mexico

20 pounds of meth valued at more than $150,000

Fresno, Calif. - Fresno Police Department drug investigators say they arrested a man from Mexico with 20 pounds of meth stashed in his vehicle. Officers say they made a traffic stop near 99 and Jensen at around 10:30 this morning. Drug investigators say they were tracking the suspect for days before making this arrest and it's all part of their mission to take shipments of drugs off the street before they make it into Fresno communities.

Fresno police arrested Mexican native 30-year-old Miguel Morales after a drug sniffing dog named Buster helped investigators find 20 pounds of meth stashed inside of the vehicle Morales was driving. Investigators were forced to rip the vehicle apart to find the drugs hidden under the hood and near the engine compartment.

Sergeant Tim Tietjen says whoever put the drugs there tried to fool the drug detecting dogs.

The meth discovered in this drug bust has an estimated street value of roughly $150,000. This is one of a handful of recent drug busts by the Fresno narcotics unit. Just recently in a similar bust they got 40 pounds of meth.

Investigators say meth fuels a significant amount of crime in Fresno and they hope busts like this will slow shipments of the drug into the city.

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