PG&E Gets OK to Raise Rates by $200 Million

FRESNO - FRESNO, Calif. -- If the preliminary ruling is approved, rate payers with PG&E will see an increase each month.

With this and the rising gas prices in California residents in the valley say its too much to bare.

 "Everything goes up but your pay check doesn't go up," said Anna McKowan, clovis resident.

Valley residents are responding after learning their PG and E bill prices may be rising a few cents per month.

This coming after an administrative judge for the public utilities commission is allowing PG&E to increase consumer rates by nearly 200 million dollars. The money will go to costs for closing the Diablo Nuclear Plant on the central coast.

PG&E wanted $360 million to pass onto customers. The judge cut that down.

In a statement PG&E said the judge's recommendation "differs in regards to certain key areas, including the employee, community and energy replacement programs.

PG&E strongly disagrees with these proposed adjustments."

Residents said they will just have to do what they can to cut their costs.

We still don't know when the costs will be kicking in.


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