Parking is the first of many upgrades to come at Fresno Yosemite International Airport

FRESNO, Calif. - If you've ever had trouble finding a parking spot at the airport, you will be happy to know Fresno Yosemite International is making some changes.

Airport leaders announced Monday, they plan on adding about $5 million worth of airport parking expansions.

They said the money is coming from airport revenue, fees and other monies they set aside.

Officials said this additional parking is a good thing for travelers and parking prices should stay the same.

The airport has been a lot busier lately, with new carriers like Frontier and new routes to Denver, Chicago and international flights to Mexico,

Airport leaders said they have seen a growth of 39 percent since the great recession.

"We've had consistent growth year-in and year-out and even the first part of this year from 17 to now 2018 we've grown 10 percent," Kevin Meikle, director of aviation, said.

Because of that he said there is a long-term parking shortage, "During the holiday times, during the peak times we are full," Meikle continued, "In fact we've had to convert some of our employee lots into temporary long-term parking lots just to accommodate all the travelers".

Soon that employee parking will convert to additional long-term spots, as well as an empty field by the air base.

The new layout, will add more than 750 spaces, even  a new cell phone parking lot.

In May, Meikle said design plans went before the Fresno City Council and were approved.

He said the new project will accommodate immediate need and lend to the airport's future.

"We anticipate in a 5 year time frame we may actually need a 1,000 stall parking garage," Meikle said.

He said it's possible that garage could end up as a three story parking structure. 

As for the current plans, Meikle said construction is set to begin in January 2019 and they hope to be done by May 2019.

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