Panic ensued inside a packed Penn Station during commute

(WCBS) — Panic ensued inside a packed Penn Station during the Friday night commute. A disabled NJ TRANSIT train led to delays at the station and across the area. As frustrated passengers crowded the platforms, Amtrak police used a Taser on a suspect, which some people mistook for the sound of gunshots. “We received several dozen 9/11 calls from Penn Station and on 34th Street from Seventh Avenue to Broadway. All of those calls were determined to be unfounded,” NYPD Chief William Morris said. “Given our experience dealing with similar situations, we were able to quickly review all the 9/11 calls and determine that there were no actual shots fired.” The MTA tweeted, saying Amtrak police placed two people into custody for disobeying orders and used a Taser on one of them. Amtrak later released a statement, saying the suspect is in custody. It also said the station was not evacuated and remains open. The NJ TRANSIT train lost power in the Northeast Corridor tunnel as it approached Penn Station around 3 p.m. Approximately 1,200 passengers were trapped on board for three hours. They have since been safely transported to the station. Six people from the disabled train were treated for non-life-threatening injuries, the FDNY said. The FDNY later tweeted, saying 13 others were hurt during the chaos that followed. NJ RANSIT officials released a statement, apologizing for the incident and saying they’re working with Amtrak, who owns and operates Penn Station, to determine the cause. “To our customers who were significantly delayed today on Northeast Corridor train #3850, and other customers who were impacted by this incident, we deeply apologize for your experience, and I would like to hear from you,” the statement read in part. People traveling between New York and New Jersey can expect to experience delays throughout the night. NJ TRANSIT tickets and passes will be cross-honored on PATH and buses. Amtrak said its crews are working to restore power in the south tube of the Hudson Tunnel. In the meantime, trains traveling through the north tube will be down to a single track.

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