Owners consistency to provide five-star meals helps his diner get to the top

The owner of the number one rated diner on Yelp in southeast Fresno  is the chef, the server, and the busboy -- and he was a high school dropout. 

"I have to get here early to prep the food and usually after I close I take a run and come back and do more prep. " said Lupe De Anda owner.

De Anda a Fresno native established his business in 2012 and said that after dropping out of high school and working dead-end jobs.

He decided to take a risk.

"I started washing dishes when I was 16 years old as I washed dishes I used always look over to the cooks."

Because of De Anda's consistency to try and provide his customers a five-star meal without breaking the bank.

Sunnyside Diner has become the number one rated restaurant on Yelp in southeast Fresno.

And on Thursday his hard work was recognized by Fresno's city council with a plaque honoring his dedication.

"Suddenly I became number one and it is a great feeling to be acknowledged."

De Anda said he hopes his story motivates others who are hesitant to open their own business.

"Don't quit just keep on going just keep on grinding," concluded De Anda.


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