Owner and employees of Tackle Box gas station mourn death of store clerk

Clerk shot and killed during robbery of store Monday night

Fresno, Calif - Authorities are still looking for the two suspects responsible for a robbery and murder of a store clerk at the Tackle Box gas station in Madera County.


The gas station is located on the corner of Road 26 and Labrea Avenue.


Tuesday the owners of the gas station re-opened around noon, longtime Tony Camarena brought flowers and a comforting hug to support employees still crushed over Monday night's murder.


"I've been coming here for for the past 15 years," says Camarena. " I know most of them. They are friendly, they never get into trouble, they never mistreat anybody and then somebody comes in and do this to them it ain’t fair."


Bobby Nijjar is the Owner's son, he gave a brief statement but did not want to speak about the clerk who was killed inside his family's store.


"We really don’t want to go into details about that right now we are all like family here we are just in mourning at the moment," says Nijjar.


Authorities say Monday night around 10:50 two men went inside the store and took cash and cigarettes then opened fire on the store clerk.


"A customer came in and was unable to locate the clerk, called out for him didn’t hear anything then saw him behind the counter and immediately called us," says Jay Varney, Madera County Sheriff.


The clerk ended up dying after the robbery.


Now the owners are left to pick up the pieces after a tragic event they'll never forget.


"We are like a family and we are all kind of shocked and in mourning right now, but we have every confidence in law enforcement that they are going to do their job and find out who did this and make them pay for it," says Nijjar.


Authorities are still looking for the two suspects, if you any idea who they may be you can leave an anonymous tip by calling Crimestoppers that number is 498-stop.


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