Organization Run by Former Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin Donates $15,000 to Catholic Charities

FRESNO, Calif. - Support for Catholic Charities is pouring in since the organization was at the center of Tuesday's shooting rampage in Downtown Fresno.

Former Fresno mayor Ashley Swearengin announced Thursday that the organization she runs, called Central Valley Community Foundation, has donated $15,000 dollars to Catholic Charities. Swearengin said she hopes other will follow her lead. Swearengin said it's important the community support Catholic Charities, because Catholic Charities has supported people in need in our community for years.

Swearengin said this is her call to action.

"We want to see these dollars matched. We want to see others respond to this challenge to donate, to volunteer, to support Catholic Charities," stated Swearengin.

Catholic Charities found itself at the center of Tuesday's shooting rampage, allegedly committed by gunman Kori Ali Muhammad. Two of Catholic Charity's clients, 37-year old Mark Gassett, and 58-year old David Jackson, were shot and killed right outside.

Swearengin said, "David Gackson was here to cash a check. Mark Gassett was here to pick up groceries. They were just two of the tens of thousands of people who receive help here each and every year at Catholic Charities."

Catholic Charities executive director Kelly Lilles said the monetary donations will help the organization continue it's programs, and the funds will go towards assisting the families of Gassett and Jackson.

Lilles said, "It's just been a very difficult few days, but we know that we are strong in our faith, and we know with people like you guys on our side that we're gonna get through this."

Lilles said she's grateful for the community support, and hopes people continue to support Catholic Charities in any way they can. If you would like to donate, click here.

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