Orange Cove Kids On Ellen

Orange Cove Kids On Ellen

Fresno - Orange Cove Kids On Ellen

Christmas came early today for four students from Orange Cove. Today, they were on the Ellen show which aired this afternoon right here On CBS 47. They  where on the show for a very creative video they produced and submitted to the show. Take a look....
"Today we have the Kids Squad from Orange Cove up in the Skybox"
     Ellen calls it the Skybox Challenge. And four of our valley kids made the cut - with a very creative video.
Ellen's reaction when she first saw it?
" I saw them in the Skybox challenge and I said.. Get them here"
   ' Them '  includes, 13 year old Cynthia on left, 12 year old Hugo in the red tee shirt, 14 Year old Jacob and 11 year old Joel.   We caught up with them in Orange Cove..
So about that video...
"   This is some of what they did..."
" He's going to jump out of the plane at 62 thousand feet.. That means.. He's a trip on the ellen show.. 17;01;36 ..  Kid screaming.... Forget that.. "
Ellen loved it.  And so did the crowd..
" Are you guys serious? Screams... Very creative.. Very good...  Shot in skybox "
So.. What was it like being on the show?
Beyond cool...
"Our jaws just like dropped "
" And we where walking up into the green room"
" For me and this guy.. My brother.. It was amazing.. We never been to LA."
And in true Ellen style, she made sure our valley kid's didn't leave empty handed.
  " You can get it with your three hundred dollar Ikea gift card"
But.. As the saying goes... Wait there's more..
Listen closely to what else the got.....
" We got a 55 inch TV,  A record player, Some wireless headphones, Oh.. We got our scooters, With Go Pro's, Water proof speakers, And 400 hundred dollars from ah.. HBO..
    ... Wow... Right ? 
    But the best part wasn't so much all those gifts, it was the experience of making a really cool video.... Which in case you missed the plot was....
Edward Bravo/ Supports the Kids
" We see him jumping off the plane.. But Cynthia goes, He falls... And big casts on his arms "  
It was a trip of a lifetime.. For these kids.. And their parents too.....
" It was pretty awesome, My mom started crying.. Cause she was so.. Everyone started crying because they where so happy"
  Congratulations to our Orange Cove kids..
  And we also want to thank the parents, their teachers and of course Ellen.

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