"Operation Disrupt & Dismantle" Executed in Reedley

REEDLEY, Calif. - At least two gang members in Reedley have been arrested in one of the police department's largest operations. They called it Operation Disrupt and Dismantle, to take down long-time gang members tied to a violent crime that occurred in the city two weeks ago. More than 100 officers from state and local agencies assisted.

Lt. Hector Aleman with the Reedley Police Department said Operation Disrupt and Dismantle began Wednesday morning at 7am.

"They're very equipped, very trained, and very motivated to do police work," stated Aleman about the law enforcement agencies that helped in the operation.

He said the operation started because of an incident that occurred outside of a local market two weeks ago.

Aleman said, "We determined that there was a gang disturbance with two rival gangs. We were able to identify five of the seven gang members who attacked a what we discovered later a drop out gang member here in town."

That drop-out gang member suffered non-life threatening wounds, but Aleman said it was crucial to find the violent suspects involved, and get them off the streets.

"We had to seek help from other agencies," Aleman said.

The lieutenant said Wednesday's multi-agency operation was a success because of the assistance from the Fresno Police Department, the Clovis Police Department, the Fresno County Sheriff's Office, and various other state law enforcement agencies.

Aleman ended, "Taking these three violent long time gang members off the streets I think will make a big impact on reducing crime gang related crime in the City of Reedley."

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