One Mega Millions jackpot winner

FRESNO, Calif. - In this game, it's all about one thing, here inside Elite Liquors in Fresno.


"Lucky $2 bill!" 

"$2 bills are very lucky in our family," customer Bobbi DeLuca said. "And it's something that we do at Christmas time, and any time that, you know, we really want to feel lucky." 

DeLuca is counting on her small investment, to come through. She plays the game rarely, but Friday night, she's one of a steady stream trying their chances at hundreds of millions of dollars.

"Many big, big jackpots."

Bob Bhaurla's owned this store 21 years, so, he's seen a few lotteries. He's also seen customers come so close, dreaming big.

"Night dreams, day dreams," Bhaurla said. "Night dreams, we don't have control."

This time, he wants those day dreams, to come true.

"At least one from here in Fresno, California," Bhaurla said. "We need to stimulate the economy, we need that." 

DeLuca's hoping for a win. She has big plans.

"Buy a whole island, like Larry Ellison, huh," DeLuca said. "I'd hit the beach."

Tomorrow is the night for Powerball, so we'll be keeping our eyes on that $570 million jackpot.

Reporting in Fresno, Megan Rupe. 

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