One billion Yahoo email accounts hacked

Yahoo users urged to change password as soon as possible.

One billion Yahoo email users have fallen victim to hackers. 
This hack is different from the one that surfaced in September, then 500 million accounts were hacked. 
Now tech professionals have advice for users and say as more people use the web to shop this holiday season everyone can take precautions. 
"Always amazed at how often it happens," says Laurena Shaffer of Clovis.
Yet another online hacking scandal is making headlines at the peak of holiday season.
A billion Yahoo accounts have been hacked.
This hack happened back in 2013 which is different from the one announced back in September when yahoo announced 500 million accounts were hacked in 2014. 
Yahoo users shouldn't be the only ones concerned. 
"It is not limited to just accounts there are a number of accounts associated for instance,, maybe old earthlink users," says J. Colins Peterson from J. IT Outsource. 
Users of these accounts are being forced to change their passwords, J. Colins Peterson from J. IT Outsource says the hackers can get into personal information. 
"A hacker has the access to your intimate contact list, then can socially engineer ways into your other personal information like financial institutions," he says.
Peterson says there is more people can do. 
As more people head online this time of year for holiday shopping, everyone can reset email ID's and passwords with a double authentication.
It will send an extra verification code you can find that option in setting son your account. 
"I guess they got me, maybe," says Tim Linton of Clovis.   
Tim Linton has an account, he says this is a constant worry this day in age. 
"You put your best safeguards out there, but still I think the best hackers can do damage," he says.
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