Officers help homeless man stranded in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. - 65-year-old Robert Snider, seen here in this Facebook post on the Southwest Fresno Policing District's Facebook page, had no one to turn to, after spending several days and nights homeless in Fresno.

So, Tuesday afternoon, he came here, to the southwest station, asking for help.

"Talking to this guy for 10 minutes, it was easy to tell he was authentic," Fresno Police Officer Eric Hull said. 

"Just instantly, I felt there was an opportunity there to help this guy," Sergeant Mike Gebhart said.

Snider told police he'd been brought to Fresno on the promise of work, then learned the people he was with, wanted him to cash a fraudulent check.

When he refused, Snider says, they left him in town.

"He didn't have any way to get back, and that his grandson was in Sacramento," Gebhart said Snider told them.

Grandfather and grandson both recently down on their luck, according to Gebhart and Hull.

So, several officers pooled their money together and bought Snider a train ticket, for that afternoon.

Hull drove Snider to the station, bought the ticket, then got Snider on the train.

It was Snider's first train ride.

A significant effort these officers say, was an easy decision.

"As simple as it is, getting a $20 train ticket for somebody, so they can go back home and be reunited with their families," Hull said. "Is always, internally, what we want to do for the community."

That post has now been shared more than 190 times.

The officers tell us, they don't have a way to contact Snider, he didn't have a cell phone.

If you have a connection, contact our newsroom.

Reporting in Fresno, Megan Rupe. 

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