Obdulia Sanchez gets 6 years, 4 months in prison in livestream case

MERCED COUNTY, California - Obdulia Sanchez will serve prison time for the death of her younger sister.

Sanchez is the 18 year old who was live-streaming while driving drunk and got into an accident that killed her sibling.

The prosecutor tried to get Sanchez the maximum sentence, the defense attorney tried to get her off on probation, but ultimately, the judge sentenced Sanchez to six years and four months in prison.

"I don't want to go to prison but I deserve whatever punishment I receive," said Sanchez.

Reading a handwritten letter, Sanchez spoke her final words before being sentenced.

"She did not deserve to die the way she did, it should have been me," said Sanchez.

The teenager apologized to her parents and to her deceased sister.

"I'm just tired of hurting the people I love," said Sanchez.

Sanchez's parents listened to the entire speech, her father said this whole situation has been a painful experience.

"It's not easy for us," said Nicandro Sanchez, the father.

Last year Sanchez was driving under the influence while live streaming on her phone.

She got into an accident that killed her 14-year-old sister and injured her sister's friend.

It was all caught on camera.

"Count one was the most serious charge, it was gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated," said Ramnik Samrao, defense attorney.

Sanchez got four years for that charge, two more years were added for there being multiple victims.

"I feel sad for the family they feel like they lost two daughters," said Samrao.

The prosecutor says Sanchez deserved the maximum sentence of 12 years, and the video is the proof.

"She had just killed her sister but didn't care, if there was any case that deserved the max this was it," said Thomas Min, Merced County deputy district attorney.

Min sends a message to drivers: especially teens.

"Don't drive with your cell phone and don't drive under the influence," said Min.

Samrao said thanks to prop 57 Sanchez might get out of prison in 2020.

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