No verdict yet in Foster trial, jury deliberations resume Tuesday

FRESNO, Calif. - The jury did not reach a verdict Friday in the drug trafficking trial for former Fresno Deputy Police Chief Keith Foster. The trial has adjourned for the day, and the jury will continue deliberations Tuesday.

Both sides rested their cases on Thursday morning, then Assistant United States Attorney Melanie Alsworth was the first to present the government's closing argument. Foster's defense attorney, Marshall Hodskins, followed. Foster's demeanor was a lot more solemn, and he often kept his eyes and head down. Hodskins told the court, it doesn't matter if the jury finds Foster guilty or not guilty, the the stigma of his arrest and charges will likely never go away.

Alsworth told the jury when Foster was wiretapped in 2014 to 2015 by the ATF and FBI, he was not talking to informants like he said he was. The prosecution said he was brokering drug deals. They also said Foster sold his prescription oxycodone to his nephew for profit. But Hodskins told the jury that all the allegations against Foster are out of his character. Hodskins said the only thing foster is guilty of, is trying to help people out.

Legal analyst Charles Magill said, "If a person is of good character, that you must interpret that good character evidence, the evidence of their good character, as a basis that they would not be doing something that would be of bad character. And clearly, dealing narcotics, heroin, oxycotin, marijuana, you'd be a person of bad character."

On Friday, the prosecution had the opportunity to rebutt Hodskin's closing argument before the jury began their deliberations.

Hodskins told the jury they needed to look at the entire context of the conversations and text messages that were extracted from Foster's phone.

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