No more increases to water flow on Kings River, for now

Many on the Kings River are still on edge as 14,900 cubic feet per second (cfs) of water flows from Pine Flat Dam. There are no planned increases at this time, according to the Army Corps of Engineers, and business owners along the river hope it stays that way.

Normally at Lindy's Landing and Campground, the river is a fun plus for people at the grounds. However, its waters have now overtaken the lower half of the property.

The owner said flooding has been a problem all year and the river is causing roughly a $100,000 in revenue loss.

Dwight Wing has stayed at Lindy's for a few years in the upper part, he said his section lucked out.

"We're very fortunate, we've got a good four feet before it even comes up to us," said Wing.

The past day, the Army Corps of Engineers increased water releases from Pine Flat Dam around 1,000 cfs to relieve the reservoir from reaching capacity.

Right now, it's around 98-percent full and staff at the dam are monitoring the flows 24/7.

"We work very closely with the Kings River Water Association and their water master, as well as other agencies upstream and downstream," said Jeremy Caldwell, park manager.

In Kingsburg, the Kings River Golf Course and Coutnry Club has been putting out thousands of sandbags all over the course. They have levees all around the green, but their defenses are being pushed to the limit.

"It's pretty much where it is at this point," said John Creaney, head golf professional. "If the river continues to rise at some point, it'll breach our levee and go over."

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office is still monitoring certain areas since the announcement of increased flows Thursday. They're all areas known to flood in the past.

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