New photos of Fresno murder suspect

FRESNO, Calif. - New pictures of 17-year-old Isaac Razo, police say he's wanted in the murder of his pregnant girlfriend, Amber Baker. 
Police said Razo and 18-year-old Gabriel Garza were inside Baker's apartment when she was shot and killed.
Baker was six weeks pregnant, according to police. The shooting happened February 27, early in the morning at the Griffith Gardens apartment complex, near Griffith and Blackstone. 
"I want these murderers found, I want them caught," said Katie Martin, Amber Baker's sister.
Martin said her family wants justice. She said there hasn't been a day that has gone by where she's not sending new leads to detectives to help find the guys who she believes killed her sister. 
"She was a beautiful young girl, she was a beautiful mommy, she was a beautiful sister, she was 20 years old and she didn't deserve this," said Martin. 
20-year-old, Amber Baker, was shot and killed in her sleep, with her four-month-old son was in the room.
Police said when they arrived there were several people inside Baker's apartment and all were questioned but police say two are wanted for the murder.
17-year-old, Isaac Razo, who was Amber's boyfriend and 18-year-old Gabriel Garza. Martin said she believes they killed her sister. 
"They viciously murdered my sister in her home, in her bed, in the middle of the night and they haven't been caught," said Martin.
Martin said her sister and Isaac were dating off and on for only a few months. Martin said Amber could have possibly been pregnant with his child. 
"He knew my sister was pregnant and he not only took her life but he took a six week old baby's life as well that could have possibly been his child, so in my opinion he killed his own kid," said Martin. 
Martin said her family misses Amber everyday and now she's just trying to keep Amber's memory alive for her now five-month-old nephew. 
"He'll never be able to grow up with having those mom experiences in his life, it's just very heartbreaking, very sad," said Martin.
Martin said she believes the alleged suspect are in Fresno and hiding. The family is asking if anyone sees them to call the police.

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