Neighbors react to arrest of Visalia man accused of plotting to kill doctors

Neighbors react to arrest of Visalia man accused of plotting to kill doctors

VISALIA, Calif. - New court documents detail a Visalia man's alleged plan to kill three of his doctors.

In an affidavit, police said Yue Chen, 58, wrote he wanted to kill for revenge and to let professionals know "you can't treat people like animals."

Police said Chen was upset about his medical condition and treatment by doctors.

"Really shocking, you just don't know who you can be living next to or who your neighbors really are," said neighbor Julie Rosales.

Neighbors were stunned to hear the news about Chen who KRON-TV reports has stage four cancer.

"He was a very quiet neighbor. [His wife] was more active...she had even come over a few times," said 'Lupe.'

Visalia police said Chen disappeared May 31, rented a car, took his guns and drove to the Bay Area to kill. His wife reported him missing.

"We also found he did some computer or internet search for doctors in the Bay Area," said Sgt. Damon Maurice, Visalia Police Dept.

Officers issued a "Be On The Lookout" bulletin for Chen in at least five Bay Area cities where the oncologists live and work.

San Jose CHP officers stopped Chen on Highway 101. They found a white mask, and two loaded guns inside his car. 

Court records show the doctors Chen allegedly planned to kill work at U.C.S.F. and Stanford.

"We handle investigations all the time where persons are mad, need to blow off steam, but in this case, this person made an effort to carry out the threats," said Maurice.

Court documents also said Chen allegedly planned to take his own life after the killings. But, at least one neighbor doesn't believe any of it.

"I don't believe those accusations are true. Only because, yeah, he doesn't seem like the type that would do something like that," said 'Lupe.'

Chen is charged with three counts of attempted murder, and carrying a loaded firearm.

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