Neighbor of murder suicide victim says looming divorce escalated to violence

The victim's son says his mother is Sara Segura of Sanger

SANGER, Calif. - A Sanger husband and wife dead after an apparent murder suicide. Police responded to the 900 block of Second Court around 4:30 P.M. Friday. Police say the man murdered his wife before shooting and killing himself.

The victim's family was completely speechless, upset and distraught. One neighbor says the apparent murder suicide is the culmination of a divorce turned deadly.

Emotions exploding out of a Sanger neighborhood. A family stunned by a shooting turned fatal inside their home.

"It does appear that it is a murder suicide type of incident. It is a husband and wife," said Sanger Police Chief Silver Rodriguez.

Officers found a firearm at the crime scene. Chief Rodriguez says the husband murdered his wife before killing himself. The victim's son says his mother is Sara Segura. He says she was in her 60s and had been married to her husband for about 20 years. But even Segura's neighbor knew she planned to divorce him. 

"He was like if you think you're gonna leave me and stuff like that, like you're totally wrong," said Paola Garcia.

Garcia says she never thought Segura's rocky marriage could get her killed.

"He threatened her but we never really thought it would get to this point," said Garcia.

A terrifying scene for Segura's youngest son. Police say he's the one who found his parents dead. Garcia regrets not being able to save her neighbor.

"I would just tell her I'm sorry that I wasn't there. I wasn't there to protect her. And that I miss already," said Garcia.

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