Mystery Fresno State student pays expired parking meters for others

The freshman doesn't even drive but uses spare change to prevent parking tickets

FRESNO, Calif. - Not all heroes wear capes. In this case, she wears a change purse. One Fresno State student is saving others from costly parking tickets and her identity remains a mystery to many on campus. 

25 cents is all it takes to keep the clock going, holding off parking attendants for just a bit longer. The good samaritan responsible doesn't even drive a car herself. But after walking through Fresno State's parking lots countless times, this woman decided to do something about expired meters.

'Luckily, I had spare change and chose to get these people extra minutes or an extra hour," said 'Sakura'.

She uses the alias 'Sakura' and wants to remain a mystery. Some call her the parking meter hero.

"The hero we don't deserve but we need," said Sakura.

Some students arrive to meters that should have already expired.

"Only very few know who I am," said Sakura.
Sakura says she'll spend about an hour some days, checking for meters in the red, using spare change to prevent citations that can cost at least 50 bucks each.

"Probably she's just a real nice person who doesn't want other students to pay overpriced tickets," said Fresno State student Carlo Gianotti.

"But to see others actually doing that, makes you happy. There's still good people around," said student Daniel Navarro.

You can call these gestures tokens of kindness. Something Sakura says must be genuine.

"You can't look for kindness. It comes in different forms. It just comes when it comes and that's when it really counts because it puts a smile on your face," said Sakura.

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