Mother of 14-year-old shooting victim says son was targeted by gang members

Tricia Sease says her son Diego Perez was attacked weeks ago

HURON, Calif. - The 14-year-old boy who was shot and killed in Huron last Friday night has been identified by the Fresno County Sheriff's Office as Diego Perez. A 13-year-old boy is in custody for the murder. 

Tricia Sease and her family are picking up the pieces, hoping to put her 14-year-old son to rest. It's been three days since Sease witnessed Diego Perez take his last breath after being shot to death.

"And then when I pulled up, I seen him take his last breath and they were pumping him and the helicopter was landing and that was it. He was taking his last breath," said Sease.

Huron Police responded to the Porvenir Estates Apartments last Friday night. That's where Perez and his girlfriend were just before 10 P.M. Sease says the shooter jumped out of the bushes when Perez pushed the girl out of harm's way and then took off running moments before being killed.

A 13-year-old suspect is now in custody. Sease claims the suspect and other gang members jumped her son weeks ago. She says Perez then fought the suspect at school, landing himself in juvenile hall for 16 days. She says her son feared another attack would happen.

"He said that he was afraid he would get jumped and he was like 'what do I do if I get jumped? What if they come after me and my girlfriend?,'" said Sease.

The Fresno County Sheriff's office is now investigating the murder. Officials say social media interaction between the teens will be analyzed.

"They're going to look at all that stuff because they want to get a better picture of what could happen, what could rise to the level that would cause one basically little kid to shoot another little kid," said Fresno County Sheriff's Office spokesman Tony Botti.

The mother of Perez's girlfriend says her daughter goes through sleepless nights hearing gunshots. Now two mothers carry so much pain from one deadly night.

"I couldn't even get to go say my goodbyes to my own son," said Sease.

Detectives are still looking for the motive in this killing. if you would like to help the family of Diego Perez, here is the link to their GoFundMe page:

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