Monthly crime report shows 42 shootings in Fresno, three deadly

Year-to-date crime down eight percent

Fresno, Calif. -
In the past 28 days there has been 42 shootings and three murders in the city of Fresno.

That's from the report from the Fresno Police Department's monthly crime meeting.

"22 involved gang members, and that also involves 27 gunshot victims," says Jerry Dyer, Chief.

Dyer says a large portion of the shootings were concentrated in one area in the city.

"the largest increase we saw was in southwest Fresno," says Dyer. "unfortunately we had 17 shootings."

Captain Mark Salazar says these criminals are very young.

"They involve a lot of our young kids 13, 14 and 15 year olds," says Salazar.

Now southwest Fresno officers will be stepping up their police tactics to bring down crime.

"Last week we took six guns off the streets from different gang members, for the next 30 days we are going to put more resources like our traffic unit in southwest Fresno," says Salazar.

They'll also have extra traffic units watching local pharmacies.

Thirteen were burglarized recently for prescription narcotics and cough syrup that sell for more than $500 a bottle in the street.

So far six burglars have been arrested.

"They were from the Compton or Los Angeles area," says Dyer.

Dyer says if there is anything to be proud of there has been a significant drop in car burglaries in central Fresno.

"A 47.5 percent reduction," says Dyer.

There has also been a 9.9 percent reduction of domestic violence.

Year-to-date there has 44 murders, but Chief Dyer says overall violent crime is down eight percent.

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