Modesto man arrested in SF terror plot to stay locked up for now

The federal court judge said he has the option to appeal the ruling

FRESNO, California - The man authorities said was plotting to commit a terror attack at San Francisco's Pier 39 on Christmas Day will stay behind bars for the time being, a federal court judge in Fresno ruled Thursday.

Everitt Aaron Jameson, 26, was arrested by the FBI last week.

The judge said the decision to keep Jameson in custody was a difficult one to make because he didn't actually commit a violent act, but she said his statements were extreme, threatening, and disturbing.

After Jameson was arrested, he was placed on a psychiatric hold because authorities thought he may be a danger to himself. He's since been released from that hold, but it played a part in the judge deciding to keep Jameson detained.

Charles Lee -- Jameson's public defender  -- argued that Jameson isn't a flight risk because he's a local man with ties to the community, he has no history of violence, and he has no passport.

The U.S. attorneys argued that Jameson intended to commit an act of mass murder as well as provided money who he thought was the Islamic State group.

The judge ruled Jameson and Lee could appeal the decision as early as Thursday afternoon.

Either way, Jameson is due back in court Jan. 5.

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