Mayor Brand releases first budget for city of Fresno

$1.1 billion dollar budget released Tuesday by Mayor Lee Brand

Fresno, Calif. -
Fresno Mayor Lee Brand released his 2017-2018 fiscal year budget.

It's his first official one since being elected back in November.

In the Mayor's $1.1-billion budget, he focuses on four pillars.

"Economic development, public safety, quality of life improvements and prudent fiscal management," said Brand. "The first key initiative is the engine that drives the success of the other three key initiatives."

Mayor Brand also touched on attracting jobs referencing the Ulta Distribution Center to come to Fresno and bring up to a thousand jobs.

"Soon we hope to get the good news from Amazon, that's another potential 2,500 jobs," said Brand

The mayor's budget also calls for a new police substation in the southeast district, 50 police cars, 14 motorcycles and  21 new officers. Police Chief Jerry Dyer says he is pleased with the new budget.

"The area that we are going to have to focus on at some point in time is civilian personnel: that's dispatchers, community service officers, crime scene investigators, we lost a good portion of those jobs during the recession and at some point we are going to have to begin the re-hiring of those people," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

The budget also addresses sub standard housing, side walks, street lights and a few things many of the youth will enjoy.

"There will be a bmx facility in west Fresno, the pool at Frank H ballpark will be renovated and there will be sports lights installed at Cary Park," said Bruce Rudd, City Manager.   

"This is the roadmap to build a better Fresno and better quality of life for all of our citizens," said Mayor Brand.

Transit was also another important topic in the mayor's budget, including providing safe clean water.

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