Martha Mendiola remembered as generous and strong woman

Martha Mendiola was known to be a generous and loving person, a strong woman who raised three sons on her own and will be missed by the many people she helped, including victims of domestic violence. Henry Mendiola is Martha's brother, he says she had a loving spirit and always made people feel welcome. He also said she began a relationship with David Pena seven years ago and married him in 2013, he injured his back and within the last year their problems escalated. "When he had the last surgery, he became very addicted with prescription medication and that progressed to much more and use of other drugs that he abused and became very violent and very psychotic." Henry also said he didn't trust Pena and was constantly in touch with Martha. She planned on filing for divorce on Friday. On Tuesday, her family knew Martha was in danger when she didn't show up to work. She was a reliable employee at the state disability office in Downtown Fresno for eight years. "She communicated many times that he had threatened her life and everyone was aware that if he couldn't have her, no one would," Henry said. Also adding that Martha would want others to learn from her tragedy and to take precautions to protect themselves. "Tell people you have a problem, communicate the issues because she'd want them to save themselves and not have a horrible act like this be repeated on someone else." And although they must learn to live without her, they say she will never be forgotten.

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