Man kills wife and her boyfriend, shoots himself after at home

Authorities call this a terrible end to a decades-long marriage

FRESNO, Calif. - Two people got shot in the head Sunday morning after attending mass at St. Alphonsus Church in southwest Fresno. The shooter, the husband of one of the victims, later killed himself at his home about a mile away.

Martha Garcia, 61, and her boyfriend just left the 7:30 a.m. mass at St. Alphonsus and got to their car. Police say that's when Manuel Garcia, Martha's husband, shot and killed them.

"It was very apparent he knew where she was going to be at the time when he located her in the parking lot," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

After police responded to calls of gunshots at the church, they were then alerted by the Garcias' daughter. She told police her father confessed to the crime via text and said he would wait for police at home.

Police and the daughter went to the home by California and Arthur, S.W.A.T. forces were also called.

After waiting outside, a gunshot was heard. Police then sent a robot inside and found Manuel dead in the living room holding a handgun.

Police are still putting the puzzle together, but Dyer said Martha filed for divorce a month ago. It's possible she kept her new relationship hidden from Manuel.

"I don't know if he knew that she had a new boyfriend, that is what we suspect," Dyer said.

Around a dozen loved ones gathered outside the home as authorities investigated -- consoling each other as time went on. A neighbor we spoke to described the couple as very nice neighbors and said they couldn't imagine this would ever happen.

"[Manuel and Martha] have been married for 43 years. This is an unfortunate ending to an incredible tragedy," Dyer said.

Police say there is no history of domestic violence with Manuel or Martha. Dyer said in 2010 police got a call about a verbal argument between the two, but it didn't get physical.

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