Man killed in officer involved shooting

Madera Police involved in shooting for second time in two weeks

Madera, Calif. - Friday evening in a Madera neighborhood a man was shot and killed by a police officer after officers say he swung a large piece of wood at officers and was in possession of other weapons in a self made utility belt. 

The shooting happened in the 800 block of Wessmith Way at around 6:45 Friday evening. Investigators say Sergio Valdovinos was killed in the shooting, a man in his 30s they were familiar with from previous calls and say he struggled with mental illness.

The Madera Police Chief says the officer involved is a seasoned officer with experience in tense situations and did not have an opportunity to use non-lethal force.  

This is the second officer involved shooting in two weeks for a community that hasn't dealt with these types of situations in years. 

In response the Madera police chief plans to hold a town hall meeting to address the shootings and concerns of the public on Tuesday June 27th.

The latest shooting remains under investigation. 


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