Man dead, 11-year-old injured in gang-related shooting, police say

If you have information, call CRIME STOPPERS at 498-STOP

FRESNO, Calif. - Fresno Police were out in full force Sunday night, after a gang retaliation shooting left one man dead and an 11-year-old hurt.

Police are searching for the shooter. They said the shooting happened near Marks and McKinley, just after 11:30 p.m.

Police believe the shooting is part of an ongoing feud between West Fresno gangs that started earlier last month.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said with an uptick in recent gang retaliation, about 40 extra officers were brought on Sunday - specifically in the southwest, central and northwest Fresno. 

Dyer said the numbers will increase Monday.

Police said 20-year-old Trazhan Heights was visiting friends.

"When he knocked on the door and the 11-year-old recognized who it was, he was going to open the door but that's when gunfire erupted," Dyer said.

Police said a gunman walked up behind Heights and starting shooting multiple times at his back.

Dyer said a bullet pierced through the rod iron security door, striking the 11-year-old boy in his right bicep.

He said other people were inside the apartment at the time, including a three-year-old.

Officers said known gang members reside at the unit but the boy is not a gang member.

Investigators believe this is part of an ongoing feud between West Fresno gangs dating back to February 8.

That's when police said a series of shootings occurred over a three-day span, leaving Anthony Perry Jr. and Zurich Chatman dead.

Chatman was shot and killed outside this church near Lee and Florence.

"Chatman was an innocent person who was struck and killed because of mistaken identity," Dyer said. 

Police believe this is the start of retaliation shootings.

Two shootings occurred Sunday, one on Waterman and Inyo, where police said 16 shots were fired. The other on Robinson near Pleasant, where police say 21 shots were fired.

Police said no one was hurt in those shootings.

"If these individuals continue and we don't do something to stop them then there's the potential for other unintended targets to be stuck by gunfire," Dyer said.

Police said Heights was transported to CRMC hospital where he died, the boy is expected to survive.

Right now police said there's no description of the suspect or of the getaway car.

Police are asking if anyone has information to come forward. 

You can call CRIME STOPPERS at 498-STOP.

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