Man arrested in connection to his wife's death after 11 years

Man arrested in connection to his...

VISALIA, Calif. - Joseph Hughes, 40, is now sitting in Tulare County's adult pre-trial facility and charged with the death of his wife, Sonia Hughes. Visalia Police say he's been a person of interest since her body was found 11 years ago.

It's an arrest many years in the making. Lt. Ron Epp said it's been a long road trying to tie Joseph Hughes to Sonia Hughes' death.

"[We] kind of kept coming up on dead ends, [but] we kept working through it," Epp said. "We had our suspicions all along it was Mr. Hughes."

Sonia Hughes was found in a shallow grave by Mill Creek back in November 2006. Ever since then, police have been working the case.

Eventually, investigators gathered enough evidence for the Tulare County District Attorney's office to take action and issue an arrest warrant for Joseph Hughes.

"We've been doing a lot of re-interviews, going back interviewing more witnesses," said Epp.

Sonia Hughes was last seen alive around her home on the 100 block of Granite St. She left her home with her husband after the two argued, according to police.

After charging Joseph Hughes in this case after so many years, Epp describes the feeling as gratifying, saying, "gratifying to get closure not only for us, but for the victim, the victim's family and all those involved in this case."

Police are still looking for information on this case. You can call the police department at 559-713-4807 or by calling Det. Celeste Sanchez at 559-713-4739.

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