MAGEC officers arrest four gang members and associates at University Inn

Police say they discovered a large amount of drugs and recovered a loaded gun

FRESNO, Calif. - Four gang members and associates are now in jail after being busted at the University Inn. The hotel on East Shaw near Woodrow Avenue has been hit with recent gang activity according to police. Police say Tuesday afternoon's arrests are not connected to last week's shooting.

But that officer involved shooting is the reason why police are consistently patrolling the area. That proactive approach just got two Bulldog gang members and two associates off the streets. 

At least six arrests in one week, right in front of the University Inn. This time, the Multi-Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium took down four gang members and associates in one swoop. Sergeant James Rossetti credits proactive patrols, sparked by last Tuesday night's officer involved shooting police call gang related.

"Number one for the fear factor. Number two is address the issues that are at that location so we don't have a secondary type of situation," said Rossetti.

Police say 23-year-old Jonathan Noisey is a felon in possession of a loaded gun and a former Bulldog gang member. 24-year-old Robert Thomas is a confirmed Bulldog gang member with a felony warrant. 25-year-old Bulldog gang member Ashley Goodwin was arrested for violating probation. According to police, 46-year-old Jennifer Foster is a gang associate who had drugs for sale in her car where MAGEC officers discovered meth, Xanax and soma. 

"When you think of across the street from the Save Mart Center and Fresno State, you don't necessarily think that that's a bad part of town," said Mariah Bertucelli.

Bertucelli works feet away from University Inn. She says she's witnessed suspicious activity there for years.

"It's constant. I'm here and I see drug deals happen, homeless people passed out in front of the door. I have to ask them to leave. Prostitutes. It just kind of goes along with the game," said Bertucelli.

Police say Foster left her car parked in a handicap stall using a placard she took from a friend who passed away. She tried to rent a hotel room for the group moments before officers showed up. Joing Thao works at Jasmine Garden and worries criminal activity so close to his business could scare customers away.

"I do worry our business might drop but at the same time, you can only hope for the best," said Thao.

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