Madera man behind bars after driving circles into traffic

MADERA, Calif. - A Madera man is behind bars after being charged with two counts of reckless driving. Edgar Cortez was charged with DUI and driving on a suspended license after being found driving in circles into oncoming traffic Sunday night.

A Madera resident who asks to be left unidentified said he saw Cortez' black mustang speed off down the street in front of his house that night.

"I was just sitting here and saw a car peel out and go North," he said.

A patrol car camera caught Cortez driving "donuts" into oncoming traffic on a busy residential road with open containers of alcohol in the car.

"He was drinking in the car at the time and driving on a suspended license as well," said Foss. "He was about double the legal limit to be driving a motor vehicle in California."

Foss says Cortez' ability to drive with that much alcohol in his system is what's most alarming.

"Most people would have a hard time even walking at that level most people are going to be vomiting or throwing up. For someone to be driving a vehicle at that level would be very frightening because now you're in 2,000 pound weapon that you can very easily lose control of," said Foss.

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