Madera County District Attorney struck while driving

MADERA COUNTY, Calif. - The Madera County District Attorney is recovering after he said someone intentionally threw a metal object through his windshield while driving home from work. 

District Attorney David Linn provided pictures showing his damaged windshield. 

Linn said he was driving eastbound on Highway 145 just before the Madera Canal Friday when a black SUV approached him from the opposite direction. 

He said all of a sudden, he heard a loud bang and his windshield shattered.

"I was having flashbacks to the days of Vietnam. I felt like I was under attack. Although, honestly, I don't think anybody show at me, I think a very hard metal object was thrown at my windshield," said Linn.

Linn has a few cuts but was not seriously hurt. 

He feels this was intentional and said just a couple of hours earlier, he handed over documents to a Department of Justice agent on a criminal investigation.

Linn said he doesn't want to speculate or point fingers at anyone. 

The only description on the vehicle, is a black SUV. 

The Madera County Sheriff's Office is investigating. 

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