Los Banos Teen Accused Of Live Streaming Crash That Killed Sister Back In Court

Obdulia Sanchez Defense Attorney Offers New Insights Into Strategy

The lawyer for 18-year old Obdulia Sanchez now says that the cause of the crash that killed her younger sister was worn out tires, and that Sanchez live streaming on Instagram at the time of the crash was not a major factor in the tragedy.

Sanchez was only in court for a few minutes. She was smiling at some of those in the courtroom during the proceedings. The whole thing happened so quickly that Sanchez never had time to sit down.

Sanchez's parents were among those in attendance. Her father Nicardo says he's having a tough time living with uncertainty about what comes next. "Sometimes we think it's not true It's not easy to live like this when we don't know what's going to happen", said Sanchez. Sanchez is now scheduled for a preliminary hearing where prosecutors will have to prove that there is enough evidence against her to proceed to trial.  Los Banos Police Officers,  California Highway Patrol Officers, and possibly the analyst who took Sanchez's blood sample could all take the stand to share their findings.  

Outside the court Sanchez's defense attorney Ramnik Samro laid out part of the case he'll make to try to prove Sanchez is innocent. "The accident was not related to the usage of the phone, not related to any alleged alcohol use, we have reason to believe the accident was caused by wear and tear on the tire causing it to blow out", said Samro.

Court Documents show that 18-year old Sanchez had a blood alcohol level of .10 ninety minutes after the crash.  Prosecutors say they are now testing a blood sample for drugs.  A toxicology report is due out sometime in the next few weeks.

Sanchez will be back in court August 25th so Attorneys can discuss the results of the blood sample. Her preliminary hearing has been set for September 13th.

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