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Yosemite Lakes Park disrupted after string of fires

Nine fires have popped up in Yosemite Lakes Park in Madera County over a 48-hour time span
Flames filled the sky Monday night in Yosemite Lakes Park. The large fire threatened several
homes in the area, including Alice Waterman's.  Neighbors even picked up shovels to keep the fire from their homes.
"You smell smoke, you go outside," said resident in Yosemite Lakes Park, Alice Waterman.
It's been a restless couple of nights for Waterman. She said she's now on high alert and doesn't want to leave her home for even a few minutes.  She's terrified of what could happen.
"You know, how close...how close is the next one gonna get?" said Waterman.
Cal Fire said there have been nine fires in the area within a 48-hour span.
They believe the recent cluster of fires in the area is unusual, but they aren't confirming it's arson.
"We have fire investigators that are looking at every single fire in this area so that they can determine the cause and do so correctly," said Karen Guilleman with Cal Fire.
Since the recent string of fires have residents on edge, the Yosemite Lakes Homeowner's Association has scheduled a fire awareness town hall meeting. It will take place Thursday at 6:30 in the evening.  Cal Fire will be on hand to answer any questions..
"People are concerned when they see fires like this happening and they want a response from our community, from our law enforcement," said Michael Neveu with the Yosemite Lakes Park Homeowner's Association.
Cal Fire said the best thing at this point is to keep a defensible area around your home and be observant of any unusual activity in the area.

Cal Fire: (209) 742-1926

Town Hall Fire Awareness Meeting 
Thursday, June 13th, 2013 - 6:30PM
Where: Town Hall in the Club House
30250 Yosemite Springs Parkway

For more information on safety and awareness in the community along with events, find the park's Facebook page at "Yosemite Lakes Park."
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